Project Management with SharePoint

Project Management wit SharePointOn 1 January 2017 I published my new ebook „Project Management with SharePoint“. This books shows you how to make your project management more efficient with SharePoint. It is a summary of practical tips and tricks from my experience with SharePoint in projects and programs gained in the recent years as a senior program office manager.

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Make Your Project Management More Efficient

During an average eight-hour workday, each project team member spends about 45 minutes looking for information on the network share, in the email inbox, in project folders – or the information is stored in colleagues computer or the file cabinet. This search for information could have been spent better for more productive project work. More time is lost by project team members due to poor document management practices, inefficient project communication standards and ineffective project collaboration tools.

This book gives responsible staff in program offices or project managers practical proven tips to set-up and customize SharePoint in a way to be more efficient in their projects and programs. It describes valuable information to solve common problems and pitfalls project managers, admin and users encounter. This book is not a guide to learn SharePoint from scratch, but rather deals with important functionalities relevant to project management.

Who Should Read This Book?

This Book is intended to make the life easier for project managers and project office staff, who have to set-up and administrate SharePoint sites in projects and programs.

I consider myself not a SharePoint expert but I am an expert in project management and know, how to use SharePoint to make projects more efficient.

The content in this book is aligned primarily to SharePoint 2010 but most of the content may also be used in SharePoint 2013

This book should only complement information from other comprehensive SharePoint books and is not a guide to learn SharePoint from scratch and not for first time users of SharePoint.

e-Book 80 Pages PDF, Color

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Detailed Table of Contents PDF (312 KB )

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